Arriving at the airport in Managua we wasted no time in the capital and immediately drove the 45 minutes to Granada. The oldest colonial city in Nicaragua, Granada’s historic buildings are painted in brightly candy-coloured hues making it an inviting  location for visitors.  Its streets are filled with horse drawn carts which enrich the scene.

Our pace slowed instantly upon arrival and we spent the first three days swimming in the pool, swinging in hammocks and enjoying having the space and freedom to cook some of our own meals.  Cereal for breakfast – absolute heaven for Oscar and Stella! Rave reviews for a toasted tuna sandwich for dinner is a clear sign that the kids are more than ready for a restaurant hiatus. The upcoming three week stay in an Eco house in the jungles of Nicaragua should provide more than enough opportunity for this. Fingers crossed there is a good grocery store there!

The predictable clear blue sun-filled sky and balmy summer temperatures are a most welcome change. Two nights at Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic lake 25 minutes outside of Granada, was spent entirely at the water’s edge swimming and befriending crabs and iguanas. Can you officially call them ‘friends’ if they are both found deceased? A rigamortous reptile and crustacean are definitely more the speed of Oscar, who is officially an urban kid — it is very apparent he has been raised in Hong Kong.

Once back in Granada for another four day stint we relocated to Hotel La Bocona, a small boutique hotel with canopied beds befitting a princess. Funnily enough Stella  has taken to calling herself Princess Super Girl on a regular basis, so the beds are very apropos. Oscar and Stella were more than happy to take over the pool courtyard of the hotel and spend hours playing in the water yet again.  Our time here seems to have a unified  H2O theme.

Although we didn’t work our way through a checklist of sites to see in Granada, we certainly enjoyed taking in the city at our own pace. Meals eaten out at restaurants have proven that Nicaragua has some very tasty dishes with some definite Mexican influence. The continuation of Spanish has added some self-induced pressure on Mart to improve his language skills and  Spanish tutorials have become a daily norm.  If it continues at this rate he may be bilingual by the time we reach Spain. Buenos!

The next challenge is driving the mandatory 4 wheel drive we’ve rented to San Juan Del Sur to the Eco house. How bad can the roads be up into the relatively  uninhabited hills of the jungle? At the very least there should be few cars to back into! We’ll update you soon.

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3 Responses to Granada

  1. Maurene Hammond says:

    Nicaragua looks like a pretty amazing place. A vacation home here would certainly be easier for us to reach than Bali. What are property values like? Any thoughts? Just trying to keep all option open. One other good thing about Canada is the cold weather kills off any really big insects. i.e.. spiders Wish we were there with you. Love Mom and Gary

  2. Gail Foot says:

    We are so thrilled to read your adventures. You have given us some smiles through the text Steph. I think Oscar has a bit of his “Nanny” in him with regard to animals, and how he keeps his distance.
    You certainly are having some great experiences. I love your Mom’s continued efforts to try to keep you all closer to us all in Canada. We loved your blog on Peru, and the pictures were fantastic. Keep them coming. We miss you and can’t wait to join you in Italy.
    Enjoy the Eco house.

    Love Mom & Dad/Gail & Chris

  3. flora says:

    me gustaría saber cuánto es, entrando el sabado 31 de marzo saliendo el miércoles 4 de abril
    tres adultos en una habitación con aire acondicionado y desayuno. Ya tengo tiquetes me interesa la agilidad en su respuesta.

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