Venice & Florence

What can be said about Venice that has not been better said before? It’s canals are as mesmerizing as one imagines. Touring its arteries provided countless awe-inspiring views. How is it that what was once a marshy lagoon could become a city housing some of the finest architecture and art the world has ever known? It baffles the mind. Is it possible that the venetians have grown used to the shimmer of the glistening water as the striped shirted gondeliers glide past you from every angle? We don’t think we ever could.

As if any element of Venice needed any extra perks, we received a glorious one by connecting with Nanny and Grandad Foot enroute via TrenItalia. Oscar and Stella had been counting down the days to their arrival and were not disappointed. Nanny and Grandad were full of energy and enthusiasm. They never tired of Oscar and Stella’s antics or requests to play card games, draw dragons (or Venetian winged lions as interests were piqued) or everyday child shenanigans. Oscar quickly realized that Grandad shares his love of gelato — his answer consistently ‘yes’ whenever gelato was suggested. We learned just as quickly, however, that gelato portions are not always assessed reasonably by a true gelato lover. Oscar returned from the first outing with Grandad with the largest five scoop cone to be had!  He couldn’t have been happier — pure heaven.

We even saw glimpses of our former selves as we ate dinner out alone, drinking Belinis and Spritz late into the night. How many nights/days has it been since we’ve flown solo? I can’t venture to count.

As always, we spent our days strolling about — the novelty of no roads adding to the adventure. A water taxi cruise revealed the beauty of the biggest canal sights and we explored the canalleyways on foot, six Feet and one Hudswell in tow.


Great restaurants, good wine and Venetian caramello shops were easy to find and the blue skies following us yet again where ever we turned making the four days we spent here another perfect Italian experience.




Spending a brief moment in Florence makes you understand why it is the arts, culture and historic hub of Tuscany, if not all of Italy. We had time to ourselves again in Florence. Watching the sunset on the Ponte Vecchio bridge as the natural light waned and turned multiple shades of rose along the River Arno was the quintessential start to an evening out in Firenze.

Dinner at Trattoria Parione was an indulgence. We shared the not-to-be-missed Bistecca Alla Florentina (Florentine style t-bone steak thought to the jewel of Florentine cuisine).  Like all Tuscan cuisine, ingredients are few, with the focus on the flavor of the meat itself.  Cooked extremely rare with a crispy charring on the  outside, the standard one kilogram portion made for a lot of  meat to be savored. In the same meal we succumbed to Brunello, paid through the nose, and loved every minute of it!


PS: After a bit of a hiatus, we have updated the other pages of the blog, adding more artwork to Oscar and Stella’s pages, have brought Oscar’s Journals up to date, and added Oscar’s Chapter Books as well. Pru’s Watch Me Grow sequence is up to date now and we’ve added more Trip Quotes (which hadn’t been updated since Peru! and we’ll try to remember more). Enjoy!



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4 Responses to Venice & Florence

  1. Siobhan and zozo says:

    Ooh, how glorious! Your tales of gelato and Venice remind fionn and zozo of Olivia the pig!
    She loved Venice almost as much as she loved gelato!
    Have a scoop for each of us!

  2. judith Clarke says:

    Hi Mart and Steph
    I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed reading all your blogs and seeing the wonderful photos. I think you should put it all in a book at some point – how to travel with 3 kids and 3 suitcases ! Gail and Chris had a great time with you and I heard even more stories about your trip when they were here for dinner on Saturday.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip


  3. Gail Foot says:

    Another great blog. You write so eloquently and the pictures are fantastic. ( I am so proud of you both.) Oh so many happy memories. Enjoy Rome.

    Love Mom and Dad Foot

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