Journal Entries

June 7, 2012

“I went to the beach. It was like a treasure beach. Grandad and I built a sand castle.”

June 6, 2012

“I went rock climbing. Stella found a big clam shell. I found a shrimp.”

June 5, 2012

“I went to the beach. I collected clam shells. I made clam shell necklaces. I painted the clam shells.”

May 29, 2012

“I saw a winged lion. I saw the stolen horses. I saw gold in the pictures. That was a great day.”

May 28, 2012

“I am in Venice. I am on a water boat. It was fun. That was an excellent day.”

May 23, 2012

“We rented a bike. We went to the park. Pru rode with Dad. I rod with Mom.”

May 22, 2012

“We are in Lucca. We found a merry-go-round. We got a chocolate rice crispy square. We had pizza.”

San Gimignano
May 16, 2012

“Yesterday we went to San Gimignano. We had pizza and gelato. That was a great day.”

Greve in Chianti
May 14, 2012

“I found the boxes. I brought the boxes home. I found a gem. That was another great day.”

May 10, 2012

“I got paints. Yesterday I had pizza. We painted when we got home. That was another great day.”

May 9, 2012

“It is Dad’s birthday. I loved the cake. We made birthday candles. Dinner was pasta.”

May 4, 2012

“Yesterday I went to the winery. I loved the honey. Mom and Dad loved the wine. By the winery we found Poppyland!”

April 31, 2012

“The food is amazing. I love the gelato. It is amazing. I love the pizza. I want to try the lemon gelato.”

April 27, 2012

“We built a tent. It was fun. We built it out of garden sticks. We ate in the tent.”

April 23, 2012

“I got candy floss in a shop. We went to Tibidabo. I went on the bumper cars. I like the bumper cars.3

April 20, 2012

“Picasso is an artist. Picasso is from Spain. He invented cubism. I like looking at the picture.”

April 19, 2012

“I like the park. The park is fun. I put sand in a bucket. I went on the bus tour.”

April 18, 2012

“This is the zoo. There are lots of peacocks. We saw a rhinoceros.”

April 11, 2012

“This is the tannery in Fes. There are lots of colours. They have lots of animal skins.”

April 10, 2012

“I play games on the iPad. Stella and me watch movies. Dad and me play games.”

April 9, 2012

“This hotel is nice. There are tiles everywhere. The beds are comfy.”

April 7, 2012

“I bought new cut the rope. I like cut the rope. I play cut the rope.”

April 1, 2012

“This is Tagenza beach. There were lots of rock pools. We collected clams and things.”

March 31, 2012

“We went to the ramparts. There were lots of canons. It was windy. There were holes for guns.”

March 29, 2012

“It is dark in this house. It is dark in the sides. In the middle it is light.”

March 15, 2012

“I saw snake charmer. I saw orange juice men. I bought apricots.”

San Juan del Sur
March 15, 2012

“I have fun playing with River and Donovan. We found the magic beans. We planted the magic beans.”

March 14, 2012

“We found a friend named River and Donovan. We played hide and seek. I swam with River and Donavan.”

March 13, 2012

“I saw a tarantula. My dad saw a snake. I saw a howler monkey. It is so windy.”

March 12, 2012

“This is the canopy tour. I flew through the trees. I loved the canopy tour.”

March 10, 2012

“I like the beach. The beach is so sunny. Stella and me collect clamshells.”

February 24, 2012

“I found a new friend named Jacob. We played hide and seek. We hid ‘the hand of pink’.”

February 23, 2012

“I played a water wing game. Dad was on my team. I threw water wings at mom.”

February 22, 2012

“I went on a horse cart. I got to ride in the front. I saw a horse poop.”

Laguna de Apoyo
February 20, 2012

“I found a crab. Mom found an iguana. They were both dead.”

February 19, 2012

“I saw a lake. It is a volcanic lake. There are little waves.”

February 18, 2012

“I am in Nicaragua. I like pools. We have our own pool.”

February 14, 2012

“I went to the catacombs. I saw bones. It was dark in the tunnels.”

February 13, 2012

“I like Angry Birds. I play Angry Birds. I like “

February 8, 2012

“I found a frog game. I finished my whole hot chocolate before my daddy had coffee. I have an onion doll.”

February 7, 2012

“I went in the car yesterday. I like Cusco. The streets are bumpy.”

February 6, 2012

“I found a new friend. Her name is Mayu. We found a kitten.”

February 5, 2012

“Yesterday I went to Pisac. We went to the market. I got a new necklace.”

Machu Picchu
February 4, 2012

“Yesterday I went to Machu Picchu. We saw lots of rocks. The Incans lived in Machu Picchu.”

February 2, 2012

“I learned spanish with my dad. Tomorrow we are going to Machu Picchu. We are going on the train.”

Colca Canyon
January 25, 2012

“I went in the mountains. The electricity was off for two days. The hot springs were hot.”

January 24, 2012

“I saw a cactus. I saw a plant. I am at a restaurant.”

January 23, 2012

“This is a bush in Arequipa. Pru said ‘AHHHH!’ Pru was scared of the bush.”

January 20, 2012

“I went through the water tunnel. I went on the train. Music was on and the water danced.”

January 19, 2012

“The food is yummy in Peru. I love limonadas. I love the honey doughnuts.”

January 18, 2012

“We drove to Lima. I watched movies in the car. I had spicy pasta.”

January 17, 2012

“Yesterday I threw the noodles at Mom. Stella threw the noodles at Mom. I drank Inca Cola.”

January 16, 2012

“Mom crashed the car. Yesterday I dived in the pool. Stella swam without water wings.”

January 15, 2012

“Yesterday I went to go on a boat ride. I saw a sea lion. I saw a lot of birds.”

January 13, 2012

“Ica is a desert. It is hot. I went swimming.”

January 10, 2012

“I played whack the ducklings. I got to get a gum ball. My colour was red.”

January 9, 2012

“I am in Peru. Yesterday I went to go for a walk. Yesterday I went to go in the pool.”

5 Responses to Journal Entries

  1. Maurene Hammond says:

    There are 2 comments that you made about your Mom that I am wondering about. Why are you and Stella ganging up on Mom and throwing noodles. I also needed you to tell me more about Mom crashing the car. I love reading your journals. I am learning lots about Peru and the things you are doing. It sounds like the food is great. Love Grandma

  2. Naomi Matsuzawa says:

    Hey Occar, it is great to know your life happening on opposite side of HK. I love your art. I think you are very talented young man. Your drawing is very well structured and well captured. It makes me very happy when I look at it. We still have the birthday card you drew for Salus 2 years ago. Love Auntie Naomi from HK

  3. Gail Foot says:

    Hi Oscar;

    I loved reading about all the things you are doing. Your drawings are great and you are doing so well with your writing. Nanny and Grandad are learning a lot about the life in Peru, it sounds fun.
    Cant wait to hear more. It was fun talking and seeing you on Skype today.
    Love Nanny.

  4. Laura says:

    Keep up the excellent work, Oscar!
    I asked Sarah who were favourite person was today and she said Oscar and Stella. I just wanted you to know:).
    Love you soooo much! Take care of your Mom and Dad.
    xo, Auntie Laura

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