Trip Quotes

Stella: “Aw, cheese-it!”
          — Lucca

Stella: “For cheese and steak!”
          — Lucca

Stella: “There must have been a tarantula here!”
          — Essaouira, upon discovery of a baseball-sized human hairball (and after having
          learned in Nicaragua that tarantulas spit hair)

Stella: “Is that a cow?”
          — Marrakech, hearing the mosque at the call to prayer

Mart: “The iPhone is the Swiss Army knife of life.”
          — San Juan del Sur, hunting for tarantulas before bed with its flashlight

Oscar (shouting): “Stella, I’m peeing in the mountains!”
          — Top of las pampas, enroute from Cabanaconde

Steph: “What do you want to call the baby donkey?”
Stella: “Mmmm, I’m gonna call him Hester.”
Steph: “We have a friend named Tim Hester!”
Stella: “No, I’m gonna call him Tim Hester!”
Oscar: “Ah, Tim Hester pooped all over the place!”
Stella: “Tim Hester!! I’m angry with you! Clean it up!”
….and just a lot more talk for days about Tim Hester.
          — Yanque, Colca Canyon

Stella: “I’m gonna ask Nanny for a baby alpaca.”
          — Arequipa

Oscar: “Mom’s new sunglasses look like 3D glasses.”
          — Arequipa

Stella: “There are lots of pirates in Peru.” (Another man in a bandana)
          — Pasteleria San Antonio Restaurante, Lima

Stella: “It feels like this car doesn’t have wheels.”
          — Taxi ride, Lima

Steph: “After having slept in a king bed, I think we need a king bed.”
Stella: “And I’m gonna need a princess bed!”
          — Los Palomos, Lunahuana

Stella: “Can you ask the pirate for another plate?” (Apparently anyone with a bandana is a pirate!)
          — Dessert Nights Restaurante, Huacachina


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  1. Tara Bishop says:

    Steph, I am soooo happy that Pants Down told me about your blog. xx Tara

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