Watch Me Grow!
The following is a poor beginning to what will hopefully be an interesting time-lapse of Pru’s growth during our travels. At the moment it is just a bunch of cropped and cobbled together pictures, but we will be taking regularly from now on specifically for this and the quality should get much better….. stay tuned!

5 Responses to Pru

  1. Laura says:

    Very cool compilation!

  2. Gail Foot says:

    What a big girl you are getting. Nanny can’t wait to play with you when we meet you in Italy.

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  4. Melanie says:

    You guys could start a “how to blog” professionally business. This has been truly wonderful, at moments I have laughed out loud, tears in my eyes and a wonderment of dreams to come. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. Love to all,
    Melanie xo

  5. Gail Foot says:

    Oh beautiful Pru, how lovely it was getting to know you, such a happy little girl and growing so fast.
    Love you,

    Nanny & Grandad

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